To access it you have to navigate to the PixiePanel / Footer / Footer settings

Admin Panel → PixiePanel → Footer → Footer settings

Copyright Text

Here you can edit footer/copyright text - This means on the field on the right you can enter any kind of text desired.

Show Copyright

Text Here you can manipulate if you want this text to be displayed or not.

Show Socials

Here you can manipulate if you want the social icons to be displayed in your footer as well.

Footer Information

Here you can edit/input contact information and display up to four departments/contacts for your organization/team. To input this properly you need to fill out three fields:

  • Icon - Select an icon from the font-awesome library, do not hesitate to use the search.

  • Department/Contact name - Enter the name of the department. An example:

  • Journalists Department/Contact email - Enter the email address of the department. In example [email protected]

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