Teams Management

To access it you have to navigate to the PixiePanel / Teams / Teams & Players

Admin Panel → PixiePanel → Teams → Teams & Players


Here in the list, you can see the teams previously added with the following options Edit, View Team, Delete. In the list, you can preview the ID, Name, Num. of players, and Game icon. Above you have the filters for how many entries you want to display on one page & the search on the right for searching an exact team.

Note: If the list is blank, no teams have been added yet.


Edit Teams - In the fields on the right, you can change/ remove the information as you wish. If you leave anything blank, it will not be displayed.


In the fields on the right, you need to fill up the information so everything can be displayed properly. The information you need to fill in the following:

  • Choose a cover - This is displayed on the main top of the SINGLE team page. It's a cover for the team profile like you have on Facebook/Twitter for example. Recommended image size: 1920x324px

  • Choose a game logo - Here you need to upload the game logo your team plays. For example CS:GO, Overwatch, League of Legends, etc.

  • Choose a team logo - Upload a logo for your team.

  • Choose a team banner - This banner is displayed on the home page & the all teams page. Basically, serves as a call for people to click it and reach your single profile team page.

  • Team Name - Enter a name for your team here.

  • Subtitle - Enter here a subtitle for your team, it can be how many times they have won tournaments, competitions, etc, or something that resembles them the best.

  • About - Enter the brief description for the team. You're free to format it any way you'd like with the standard WordPress text editor.

  • Year founded - Enter the year founded for the team. For example 2016, 2009, etc.

  • Country - Select from which country the team is from. Serbia, America, England, etc. Keep in mind they will have a flag displayed next to the country name.

  • Wins - Enter the number of wins for the team.

  • Losses - Enter the number of lost matches for the team.

  • Ties - Enter the number of tied matches for the team.

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