Add Stream

To access it you have to navigate to the PixiePanel / Streams / List of Streams

Admin Panel → PixiePanel → Streams → List of Streams

Add stream

To add a stream that will be displayed on the home page. Enter the required information that's needed from you.

  • Choose Stream Thumbnail - Setup a thumbnail for your stream. This thumbnail will be displayed on the first left stream on the home page stream section.

  • Recommended image size: 800x450px

  • Title - Enter the title for the stream

  • Select stream platform - Select between Twitch, Mixer & YouTube. If you don't see Twitch & YouTube in the list, you haven't set up the stream integration.

  • Stream URL - Enter the stream URL address CHANNEL link. Video links aren't supported and they won't display correctly.

Edit Stream

In the fields on the right, you can change/ remove the information as you wish. If you leave anything blank, it will not be displayed.

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