Import Demo Content

To access it you have to navigate to the PixiePanel/ Demo

Content Admin Panel → PixiePanel → Demo Content

How to import the demo content?

Just select one of the demos you like, you have five colors to choose from. To make sure and be certain which demo exactly you want, please visit this link

Import WordPress Content

To access it you have to navigate to the Tools/ WordPress

Admin Panel → Tools → WordPress

How to import WordPress content?

To import the WordPress content, please go to the directory here Tools/ WordPress, and install the tool, after you have done that correctly, please click the option “Run Importer”. Now head into your theme files downloaded from ThemeForest, go to the folder dummyData, find the file dummyData/wordpress_data.xml and choose it. After clicking upload & import. Make sure you have set your permalinks to be post name (4th option available). (Admin Panel / Settings / Permalinks)

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