To access it you have to navigate to the Appearance / Customize/Menus.

Admin Panel → Appearance → Customize → Menus

Menu Locations

This is where you set the location of a certain menu you have already created. Click Menu Locations and you will see two dropdowns, one for the header menu & one for the footer menu. In the dropdown, the items displayed are the names of the menus previously created. If you don’t have any items here, you need to create a menu.

Created Menus

Below the menu locations, you can see the menus you have already created. If you click a menu you have created, you will see the following:

Menu items - these are the pages and links you have added whilst creating your menu. Reorder items & add items - Possibility to reorder the menu & remove items.

Delete menu - Button to delete the menu in whole.

Display location - Where the menu is displayed, either header or footer.

Menu options - a possibility to click the check radio button if you want to automatically add to the menu each next new page you add as a separate item in the menu itself.

Creating A Menu For Sections

To create a menu to call on sections for the example, if you want to have COMPETITORS in the menu and for it to slide you down on the section COMPETITORS, you need to do the following:

Create a custom link while creating a menu, take a look at screenshot #26 above.

If you want to call on multiple sections you need to enter them in the URL ADDRESS from the 3rd point here. Example in the URL address #competitors in link text Competitors

Intro - #hero / Attend Event - #cta-section / Venue - #venue / News - #news / Match Schedule - #schedule / Standings - #standing / Apply for tournament - #signup / Buy / Tickets - #tickets /Competitors - #competitors

Footer Menu

To create a footer menu, you need to start the procedure of creating a normal menu. You can use pages here, custom links, etc. Only when you save the menu location SELECT FOOTER MENU only that!

Blank pages

Here you can really express your creativity. To create a blank page go to Pages / Add New & select the blank page template. This serves as a default template for you to create more content besides the one we provided you. You can insert custom HTML here as you wish, images, iframes, etc. In general, this blank page and how you develop it further depends on your imagination!

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