To access it you have to navigate to the PixiePanel / Streams / General Settings

Admin Panel → PixiePanel → Streams → General Settings

Show Section

Whether the section will be displayed or not. If you click SHOW it will be displayed, if you click HIDE it will not be displayed.

Primary Stream

Here you can select a PRIMARY/MAIN stream for your website from the list of previously created streams. If there is nothing in the list, you need to create a stream first. If you leave this option blank, it will automatically select a primary stream.

Stream Text

In the fields on the right, you need to fill up the information required so that part of the section can be displayed properly. If you leave it blank, some elements will not be displayed. You need to fill up the following:

  • Stream Headline - Enter the section header text

  • Stream Button Text - Enter the button text Stream

  • Button Link - Enter the URL address for the button

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