To access it you have to navigate to the PixiePanel / Matches / General Settings

Admin Panel → PixiePanel → Matches → General Settings

Show Section

Whether the section will be displayed or not. If you click SHOW it will be displayed, if you click HIDE it will not be displayed.

Match Background

Here you can edit the matches background of your website. To do it, simply click CHOOSE BACKGROUND button and upload an image & save. Recommended image size: 1920x755 pixels.

Note: If left blank, the default image will be displayed.

Match Content Settings

In the fields, you need to input the information required in order for the section to be fully displayed on the website. If you leave a blank, that part of the section will not be displayed. Information required:

  • Matches Heading - Enter the heading/header for the section on the top.

  • Matches Description - Enter the description for the section right after the heading.

  • Matches Btn Left - Enter the name of the first tab button on the left. Our example: “ Upcoming” for matches that are upcoming in the near/far future.

  • Matches Btn Right - Enter the name of the second tab button on the right. Our example is “Results” for finished matches.

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