To access it you have to navigate to the PixiePanel / Matches / Add Match

Admin Panel → PixiePanel → Matches → Add Match

Add Match

In the fields, you need to fill up the information for the match to be properly displayed. If you leave a blank, some information may not appear well and it might look disrupted. Information required:

  • Game Name - Enter the name of the game for the match.

  • Tournament Name - Enter the name of the tournament.

  • Team Home - Enter the name of the team that is playing at home.

  • Team Away - Enter the name of the team that is playing away.

  • Type - Select from the dropdown menu the type for the match, whether it is Online or Offline/Lan.

  • Team Home/ Away Logo - Upload & save the logo for the teams.

  • Result Home/Away - Enter the result for the match if it’s finished, if not leave it blank.

  • Start Date - Enter the start date for the match a.k.a. When it’s being played.

  • Stream - Enter the stream URL Address where the match is being broadcasted/streamed online.

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