To access it you have to navigate to the PixiePanel / About / Add Board Member

Admin Panel → PixiePanel → About → Add Board Member

Add Board Member

In the fields, you need to input the information required in order for the board member to be fully displayed on the website. If you leave a blank, that part of the sponsor will not be displayed. The information you enter will be displayed as one box below the header on the About Us page. Information required:

  • Choose An Avatar - Upload an image to your media library, select & save it.

  • Title - Enter the title text for the member/person

  • Category - Select a category for the board member, if the dropdown list is empty. You need to create categories for your board member. Email - Enter the email address of your board member.

  • About - Enter the about us text for your board member. Note: The text is displayed only on hover.

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