To view, these settings go to Admin Panel Dashboard / Appearance/ Menus

How to add a menu

Admin Panel → Appearance → Menus → Create New Menu

To add a menu you need to navigate on the path above. After you have succeeded, you need to start entering the menu items. You will achieve this via custom links. Follow these steps:

  • Add a custom link by clicking " Custom links " in the left sidebar.

  • In the first field you need to enter the URL address or the following code if you wish for your menu to be able to navigate through sections ( For the topbar the URL address is #topbar, for news it's #news, for the team section it's #teams, for the product section it's #product, for about us it's #about )

  • In the second field, you need to name your section as you please. ( I.E. If your URL address is #news, you can name it "Latest News" )

  • After you have done this several times to link all sections and add other custom links you need to click where the menu will be displayed, and select the header menu, as you want it on top.

  • When done, click save Menu, and everything should be fine!

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