To view, these settings go to Admin Panel Dashboard / Theme Panel / Teams

How to add a team

Admin Panel → Theme Panel → Teams → Add New

To add a team click ADD next to the title TEAM on the top left. The next step is to enter the title in the first field given. After that is done you need to enter a team description below the title in the text box.

Team data

Now what you need to do is enter the TEAM DATA so far. Admin Panel → Theme Panel → Teams → Teams Data Team Intro text - add your team intro text. Wins - add several wins for your team Loses - add several losses for your team.

Note: For wins and loses make sure to enter a numeric value else it will decline your request to fill the box.

Team background image

Admin Panel → Theme Panel → Teams → Team Background

Image Next thing to do is the background image for your team. You can simply do that by clicking Set Featured Image and selecting the image from already uploaded ones or uploading a new one.


Admin Panel → Theme Panel → Teams → Players

To add a new player you need to set up each player step by step until you have the number of players you want in your team - a maximum of 5 After all of this is done, the only thing to do is to click PUBLISH!

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