Here you will learn how to properly create your own custom page with the sections/information you'd like by using our shortcodes.

Creating a blank

To create your own page with the shortcodes the foundation for this is a blank page. Let's see how to create a blank page.

  • Navigate to Admin dashboard / Pages / Add new

  • Name the page to be anything you'd like, for example, the home page.

  • Set the page template to be Front page.

Include shortcodes

To insert shortcodes all you need to do is type /shortcode in the block editor and you will see a result like this:

Then type [shortcode] and click the update page option.

List of available shortcodes

Below is a complete list of available shortcodes that you can use and insert to any page you'd like!

  • monkadmin_hero_block

  • monkadmin_configuration_list

  • monkadmin_my_gears_list

  • monkadmin_shop_list

  • monkadmin_teammates_list

  • monkadmin_promo_banner

  • monkadmin_teams_list

  • monkadmin_news_list

  • monkadmin_streams_list

  • monkadmin_newsletter_list

⚠️ All shortcode content comes directly from Monk Admin plugin content. Either upload demo content first or insert your own content.

Final result

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