To customize your header, you will need to set up your logo, buttons, and links.

  • Button CTA link/text - Enter the link URL and text for the button on the top right corner.

  • Show shop - Enter the shop URL link and enable/disable this cart button.

  • Show search - Enable or disable the search option.


To access this, please navigate Admin dashboard > Appearance > Menu

To create a header menu you need to do the following:

  • Click create a new menu.

  • Drag all pages you have previously created in the menu. If you haven’t created any pages, click here to see how.

  • Select HEADER menu location

  • Click Save.


To access this, please navigate Admin dashboard > Appearance > Footer


Here you can manipulate the general footer options such as logo, about the text, social media, and copyright text.

  • Logo - recommended image size: 144x52px.

  • About text

  • Copyright text

  • Social media links - Enter the URL link to your profile in the respective fields.

📓 Menu/Category #1/#2/#3 are all link sections available on the footer. You can choose to upload them or not.

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