We'll go over how to add an NFT through WooCommerce. If you wish to follow this part you need to install WooCommerce first. Learn how to do this here:


How to add an NFT?

To access this, please navigate Admin dashboard > Products > All products > Add new

To add a new NFT you need to add a product. To do this you are to provide required the following information:

  • NFT Name

  • Description (Displayed on the NFT single purchase page)

  • The short description is displayed in the grid or collection list through the NFT card.

  • Regular price

  • Sale price

  • OpenSea link

  • Product short description

  • Product category (In other words NFT collection where the NFT is presented)

  • Product tags

  • Product image - Recommended image size is: 448x500px.


You can now add music or video NFT. To do this, just add the NFT normally as described above. During the setup make sure to fill in these fields:

  • For normal image, NFTs select the type default

  • For video, NFTs select the type of video

  • For music, NFTs select the type of audio

Media URL

  • You need to link the uploaded media (MP3, MP4 or other music/audio formats that WordPress supports). To add new, go to Admin dashboard > Media > Add new, and once uploaded click the copy to clipboard button. Paste in the URL to your product/NFT as the last step.

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