We'll go over how to add an NFT collection through WooCommerce. If you wish to follow this part you need to install WooCommerce first. Learn how to do this here:


How to add an NFT Collection?

To access this, please navigate Admin dashboard > Products > Categories > Add new

To add a new NFT collection you are required to fill out the following options:

  • Name

  • Slug - Enter the name slug URL for the collection example yoursite.com/nftcollection

  • Description

  • Email - Contact point for the collection

  • Social media network profiles

  • Stat #1 heading - Enter the heading for the collection attribute. (i.e. Total items)

  • Stat #1 text - Enter the value for the collection attribute. (i.e. 25)

  • Stat #1 description - Enter the description (Like 10% volume increase)

    • Where you can highlight a part of the description to be in your primary color by adding the <span> HTML attribute to the text - for example <span>Random text</span>

  • Stat #1 icon - Upload the icon for the collection attribute

  • Wishlist - The OpenSea collection link

  • Author - Enter the name of the creator

  • Author URL - The URL link to the author.

  • Display type - Select default option

  • Thumbnail - Author thumbnail and avatar.

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