Today we're going to learn how to make your website a multi vendor marketplace. What's multi vendor? A system that supports onboarding new customers to your marketplace but also new sellers. This means others can come and upload work to your website to sell them. Giving you the right sense needed!

Curious for an example? Our DEMO4 showcases this.


If you'd love to give this theme a spin as a customer or vendor, just use the credentials from below:

Vendor login

  • Username: vendordemo

  • Password: vendordemo

Customer login

  • Username: customerdemo

  • Password: customerdemo

The first step towards setting your theme up with this is installing the plugin WCFM.


To go through the setup, please check this link:

This extensive video guide will help you do this. Note: This is not an official pxsquad video or pxsquad affiliated.

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