Here's a list of shortcodes you could potentially add in:

One-off shortcodes

Here are more sections/shortcodes you can add in:

  • [rush_shop ids="206, 214, 217, 219" heading="Get premium gaming gear" text="Made available to you from our partners and sponsors for a steal of a price"]

    • IDs - Enter the IDs of the product you want to present in the section

    • Heading

    • Text

Logic to adding shortcode

  • Each section with ids="" to add means you can list more than one ITEM in the shortcode or section. For example, you can add more than one prize.

    • To see IDs go to each section list in the admin panel and see the screenshot below:

  • Each inner page you need to set the page template to be 'Blank page'.

  • Each NEW section needs to have [rush_page_container][/rush_page_container]

    • Parameters you can add here:

      • Mode="white" (Other examples: black, black-white)

      • Space-top="Yes" (This will add a margin from the top to the section, depending if you need it)

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